A CSA for salad lovers.

Gillyflower Farm is a one-acre vegetable farm in the Capay Valley. We serve Yolo County mainly through a Davis-based CSA, along with Woodland farmers markets and partnerships with restaurants in Woodland and Davis. We offer three CSA seasons throughout the year, with options to join in the fall (Sept.-Dec.), winter (Jan.-Mar.), or spring (Mar.-May).

We are not your regular CSA; rather than filling baskets with every vegetable that grows under the sun, we focus on beautiful, delicious, and nourishing vegetables that go well in salads. Our aim is to supercharge your lunch boxes or dinner plates and help you eat healthfully year-round. By narrowing the breadth of what we grow on the farm, we are able to specialize in and deliver top-quality produce at affordable prices. Learn more about our CSA here.

Who we are