Feedback received from the survey of Gillyflower Farm's inaugural CSA season:


"Greens have always been of the highest quality and completely devoid of insect damage or weeds (that I could observe anyway). Also really appreciated how clean and dry they were; I never had to clean anything before eating it and that is one of my favorite parts."

"Greens were so beautiful! Mine were never damaged and lasted for the whole week."

"I was VERY impressed by how perfect all of your produce was! None of the (totally acceptable) insect/aphid/caterpillar that I expect when getting local/small-scale produce. The greens kept for a really long time the few times we didn't eat them right away. The greens were very high quality-- not fibrous, never thought there was too much stem, etc.."

"Honestly the best quality greens I've maybe ever had"

"They are gorgeous"

"I loved having my fresh greens every week and my salads were a hit when I brought them to potlucks!"

"Your stuff is so good! Can't wait for next quarter!"